We are a team of highly professional artists that will transform your wedding day or special occasion hair and makeup into a masterpiece.

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Jenny Mattos

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Jenny is the perfect hair stylist and makeup artist to entrust for your special occasion. She has been a license cosmetologist specializing in cuts, colors, up styles and makeup since 2007. Jenny's advanced skills are complimented by her passion, personality and standards of doing high quality work. Her clients will attest that she abide by her motto which is, "I'm not happy until you are happy." Born and raised on a ranch in Petaluma, Jenny learned at a young age the value of dedication and satisfaction of a job well done. Jenny's dream of using all her attributes towards helping others has been realized through her chosen career in hair and makeup. Jenny strives to make your important day worry-free for you and to have some fun while creating an experience that you, your family and friends will be remembering fondly for a very long time.

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Stephanie has been a licensed Esthetician since January 2001, after completing the Esthetician course at Lytle's Redwood Empire Beauty Collage. Her passion for skin and makeup started at an early age due to her mother being a hair stylist in Petaluma. She grew up watching beautiful transformations taking place daily, which helped boost her confidence in joining the salon industry. Stephanie has worked in Sonoma Country at MAC Cosmetics, New Dawn Day Spa and was part owner of Ambiance Skin Care Salon in Santa Rosa. After being a stay-at-home mom for a year she joined the team at Mockingbird Heights in December 2013. Recently, Stephanie has joined with several co-workers to create Ethereal Beauty Elite Artistry. This has been a dream realized as she works alongside talented artist to create each bride's vision for her special day. Her goals are to build her business, continue her education in skin and makeup, and help her clients achieve their skin and makeup goals. Stephanie specializes in waxing including the Braxilian wax, all skincare and special occasion/wedding makeup application.

Stephanie Albini-Smith
Tina Suhrke

Why We're Great >

Tina Suhrke— the Social Media Director and Graphic Designer for EB Elite Artistry. I am basically the one that keeps everything running in the background while the other girls make all things pretty. Funny how a girl who can’t identify the difference between lip liner and eyeliner spends all her time with a couple of skin/hair/makeup obsessed professionals. 

I didn't always spend my time talking about hashtags and pixels. In high school I had no idea what I wanted to do in terms of a profession. I knew I wanted to be a mom but I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do outside the home. I started taking classes at the junior college and fell in love with my Political Science courses. I’ve always loved history, so it’s pretty easy to understand why I would like civics, economics and the study of our country. I decided that I would study Constitutional Law and become a lawyer. It was very Elle Woods, if you will. Once I completed all my courses and was in my senior year at Dominican University it was time to intern…. quite a few of the attorneys who I met as a potential internship advisor told me something along the lines of, “If I could go back in time I would pick a different career.” I also heard from a lot of female attorneys that they felt that they missed out on a lot at home if they were involved at work or missed out on things at work if they placed priority on their home life. This really struck a cord with me as I felt my purpose in life was to be a mom before anything else. 

I then decided if I wasn't going to practice law I was going to share my passion of it with others. I decided to get my Master’s Degree in Education and my teaching credential. I initially taught high school, however, I was very young and realized that I would rather teach a younger group of children that wasn't so close to my age. I switched gears to work with special education elementary school children and I have truly, never felt more rewarded in my life. I continued to do this for several years until I became a mom. I was very torn when I was pregnant because I was so sad to leave a job I loved, however as soon as I became a mom I knew that that was my purpose in life. I still work part time in education as I can’t convince myself to pull out completely. 

It was during my time in the classroom that I realized my love of technology as it made everything so. much. easier. It started as a hobby, designing images and packaging here and there for friends and companies. Soon enough the girls at EB Elite Artistry were exploding onto the scene and needed help with social media and branding. This has been the perfect fit because it allows me to spend my days being a mom and doing design work, while still being able to be in the classroom from time to time. 

If wearing all those hats wasn't enough, I also run a busy wedding coordinating business, Oh Splendid Day. I have always loved all things wedding and organization so the business sort of fell into my lap. I was naturally organized and started helping friends plan their weddings and running the show on the actual day so I figured other people would need that too. It keeps me busy and allows me to get my creative juices flowing. 

You can call me the Jane of all trades and you can also call me when you need your kid tutored, your blog coded, and your wedding planned. But in all seriousness, I couldn't be more thankful for this amazing opportunity to work with a group of beautiful and talented women who want to make you gorgeous on your wedding day. 



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